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Human Resource exam questions Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Human Resource exam questions - Coursework Example

This eliminates conflict of interests, through hindering individuals from undertaking some tasks, exert authority or interfere with certain duties outside the confines of their jobs (Schwind, Das, & Wagar, 2010). Job analysis creates order, discipline and responsibility, by defining the duties and responsibilities of each worker (Schwind, Das, & Wagar, 2010). Additionally, Job analysis helps in preparing job description and job specifications necessary for hiring the right individuals for a job (Schwind, Das, & Wagar, 2010). Observation and interview methods of collecting job analysis information are recommended. This because, through observation, the investigator has an opportunity to get first hand information, since he/she can observe the tasks as they are being undertaken. This improves the validity of the information obtained (Schwind, Das, & Wagar, 2010). Interview method allows an opportunity for employees to give their suggestions on top of the already existing tasks.

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